The Federation Structure

As a charitable company limited by guarantee, the Federation operates a representative governance structure.

The Directors (Trustees) of the charitable company, as set out in the articles of association , are drawn from member organisations (with the exception of the independent Chair of the Board), elected by the members of the charitable company attending the Annual General Meeting and serve a three-year term before going forward for re-election (if they so desire) at the following Annual General Meeting.

The Board meets four times a year and comprises up to twelve people elected by the membership from Chairs and Chief Executives of member Sector Skills Councils (SSCs), and an independent Chair who is appointed by the Board.

Our next AGM will take place in October 2020.


Board members

Dame Julie Mellor

Chair of the Board

Passionate about how skills can unleash talent and increase productivity, Julie has focused on skill development for a large part of her career. As Chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission (1999 -2005), she worked with business and government to tackle occupational segregation and reduce skills shortages. As Director of Human Resources at British Gas she supported work to open up apprenticeships to a more diverse range of candidates. Having worked in human resources for twenty years Julie has also contributed as a board member to several organisations with a skills agenda: Nesta, the national innovation body, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Commission for Racial Equality and the Employers Forum on Disability. More recently Julie was Chair of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (2011-17).  She is currently Chair of Demos and The Young Foundation and was appointed Chair of the Federation Board in May 2018.

Seetha Kumar


Seetha is responsible for the strategic direction and overall leadership of ScreenSkills‘ work. Her priority is to expand ScreenSkills’ engagement with industry, broaden its revenue streams and help future-proof screen sectors in a fast-changing and globally competitive skills market. Alongside her role as ScreenSkills’ CEO, Seetha is a member of the Creative Diversity Network board and the Royal Television Society Education Committee and was formerly on the Mayor of London’s Skills for Londoners Taskforce.

Marcus Potter


Marcus Potter is the Chief Executive of Lantra, one of the UK’s leading Awarding Organisations and Sector Skills Councils for the land-based and environmental industries. Lantra also develop quality training courses and nationally recognised qualifications that are delivered through a national network of training Provider Partners. Marcus was appointed Director of the Board in October 2015.

John Rogers


John Rogers is Chief Executive of the Workforce Development Trust (incorporating Skills for Health, Skills for Justice and People 1st). He has spent most of his career in workforce development leadership roles. Much of his work has focused on the health sector, including roles as Chief Executive of Skills for Health, Chief Executive of Healthwork UK, as a Director at the NHS Training Authority, and other senior roles in the Department of Health and within the NHS. John has also worked significantly across sectors including contributions as the Chair of the UK-wide Alliance of Sector Skills Councils and as a non-executive of the South West Learning and Skills Council. John was appointed to the Federation Board in March 2008.

Joanna Woolf


Joanna Woolf is the Chief Executive Officer of Cogent Skills, a group of companies focused on skills needs across the Science Industries.  Joanna has been CEO of Cogent for 14 years, and will move to the position of Chair in December 2019. Joanna started her own career as an apprentice, before going on to complete a Degree in Mechanical Engineering with UMIST. She is a firm advocate of the apprenticeship route to develop jobs and careers. Joanna was appointed to the Federation Board in March 2008.

Our company secretary role is undertaken by Bond Chartered Accountants.


Governance Structure and Financial Control

A Board of Directors, with up to 12 members, meet quarterly to administer the charity. Financial control is exercised by the Board with delegated authority to the Executive. The accounting service is provided by the Finance Team of the Federation.

The following governance structure is in place:

  • Federation Council: Composed of all Chairs or Chief Executives of the Member and has one meeting per annum (Each Member has one vote each)
  • Federation Board: Up to 12 elected trustees from Member Chairs/Chief Executives with an independent Chair (appointed by the Board) and meets at least 4 times per annum
  • Federation Finance, Audit and Risk Committee: Composed of at least one Federation Board member with a quorum of two and meets at least once per annum

The Chief Executive or other lead officer is appointed by the Directors to manage the day-to-day operations of the charity.