Our Members: Employer Led Partnerships

Our Members are independent, employer led UK wide organisations. They are facilitating organisations for groups of employers who have chosen to collaborate on skills in their sectors.

Whilst their objectives vary according to the differing needs of the sectors they represent, their key objectives are to:

  • Develop high quality skills standards with employers;
  • Increase the use of skills and training to drive productivity of the workforce;
  • Increase competitiveness in UK and overseas markets;
  • Provide an employer / industry voice to policy makers;
  • Provide or quality assure training, qualifications  and end point assessments;
  • Support entry to their sector through careers advice and guidance, job match, apprenticeship and intern placements.

They fulfil a number of different roles:

  • Issuing Authorities – They are responsible for issuing apprenticeship frameworks in England, Scotland and Wales. See Apprenticeship Frameworks online to find up to date information on Issuing Authorities
  • Certification Bodies – They quality assure and issue apprenticeship frameworks in their sectors for England, Scotland and Wales. To find out more about Certification Bodies please see ACEACW and MA Online
  • Licensed Sector Skills Councils – a number of our members are licensed sector skills councils who develop UK wide national occupation standards and apprenticeship frameworks
  • Sector Skills Bodies and Organisations – a number of our members develop UK wide national occupational standards and apprenticeship frameworks but do not hold a Sector Skills Council licence.
  • Industry Training Boards – 2 of our members are statutory ITBs
  • National Skills Academies – a number of our members also operate or are National Skills Academies

Click here for a Members Directory which covers: Sector Skills Councils, Sector Skills Bodies and Organisations and National Skills Academies