Our Members: Employer Led Partnerships

Our Members are independent, employer led UK wide organisations. They aim to develop high quality skills standards with employers which support productivity and profitability growth and enhance competitiveness in UK and overseas markets.

Sector Skills Councils and Bodies -There are 16 Sector Skills Councils and 5 Sector Skills Bodies who work with over 550,000 employers to define skills needs and skills standards in their industry. One of the Sector Skills Councils is also an Industry Training Board (Construction). They collect a levy from their Members support businesses through training grants.

• Sector Skills Councils and Bodies with employers define occupational standards and job competencies. These are used in many different ways by employers.

• Sector Skills Councils and Bodies with employers are responsible for defining the qualifications which go together to make up an apprenticeship framework. This framework is then used by employers to enable them to select the qualification structure most appropriate for each individual apprentice.

• Sector Skills Councils and Bodies advise employers about the qualification that are best suited for the apprenticeship and have available a list of training providers that can deliver those qualifications.

• Sector Skills Councils and Bodies are responsible for ensuring that the correct evidence for each qualification is verified in order to enable the issue of a valid apprenticeship certificate.

National Skills Academies – There are 19 National Skills Academies. They are employer-led organisations with a leading role in developing the infrastructure needed to deliver specialist skills in individual industries and sectors of the economy. National Skills Academies bring employers together with specialist training organisations to develop solutions which tackle the skills challenges facing their sector, and contribute to world-class competitiveness through increased skills levels and employer investment. They are focused on transforming the way a sector’s training and development needs are addressed.

The National Skills academies seek to focus and coordinate UK-wide training in their sector by helping others develop standardised training materials which can be flexed to deliver exactly what a single or group of employers want. It also promotes the industry sector, specifically its career choices.

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Facilitated by People 1st International, UK Skills Federation represents the expertise of UK Sector Skills Councils and National Skills Academies internationally and promotes collaboration on TVET around the world.

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