About Us

Our members

Our members are groups of employers who have chosen to collaborate on skills in their sectors.


Our mission is to make it easier for members to contribute to:


A UK workforce which:

  • Is resilient – an adaptable workforce, able to meet current and future skill needs particularly in sectors vital to our economy
  • Contributes to UK productivity improvements, and where
  • Everyone can improve their skills at all stages in their lives


A UK skills system that is considered by government, employers and workers to be effective and efficient:

  • Straightforward to understand and operate
  • Flexible to the needs of different sectors
  • Adaptable as skill needs change
  • Producing the right number of people with the right skills at the right pace to meet labour market needs.


Strategic aims


  1. We help government and employer run skills bodies to collaborate to make the skills system work most effectively and to influence employer behaviour in sectors through:
  • Research and insight on the labour market, operation of the skills system and the impact of members, to illuminate issues common for our members or different for different sectors
  • Using the insight to enable members, government and others to consider the efficacy of the skills system and its parts


  1. We provide services to members to make their job easier:
    • Policy and practice networks – meetings, sharing and good practice guidance, policy briefings, member network responses to consultations


  1. We maintain the financial sustainability of the Federation through a blend of income sources over time:
    • Membership fees
    • Certification revenue
    • ACE360  Apprenticeship Management system income


  1. We provide value for money for members through continuous review and development of fit for purpose:
    • Skills and expertise on the staff team
    • Internal policy, process, values etc.
    • Technology systems
    • Financial and risk management
    • Membership and governance arrangements


Vision for the Federation

The Federation is regarded as well informed on employer perspectives on the skills system and its operation, and insightful on labour market strategy. It is regarded as supportive, proactive, influential and service oriented by members and Governments alike.


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