Code of Practice

The Federation’s Code of Practice, a mark of quality, is awarded to reputable skills development organisations. The code enables members to demonstrate their status as employer led organisations, for the purpose of shaping standards, qualifications, apprenticeships and related career pathways.

As a set of minimum standards, the Code ensures that a member’s work is representative, impartial and sustainable for the long term health of the sector it represents. Its role gives leadership to skills and career development and has the ability to represent collective employers’ views on skills matters to regional and national policy makers.

The code is underpinned by the following principles:

Understanding – Work with employers to gain understanding and insight into the skills standards required by employers

Trusted – Be trusted by employers to be impartial and articulate their views and make the case for high quality skills standards with Employers.

Capable – Be recognised experts in the development and implementation of skills standards and have industry knowledge to assist employers in this.

Impartial – Ensure its wider activities don’t prejudice its role in developing, managing and maintaining industry based skills standards.

Sustainable – Ensure that its actions contribute to the long term productivity of the sector.

Organisations who have successfully met the requirements of the Code of Practice and highlighted themselves as ‘go to’ places for skills development within their sectors are:

  • Enginuity
  • Creative & Cultural Skills / National Skills Academy Creative and Cultural
  • Cogent
  • NSA Nuclear
  • Skills for Care and Development
  • The Institute of the Motor Industry
  • Creative Skillset


More detailed information about the Code of Practice can be read here. Please contact Sally Ogelsby, Senior Quality Officer, or call 07595 120 165 for any enquiries.