ACE360 Apprenticeship Management System: New features added

We are delighted to let you know that the latest version of ACE360 is now available for use.  This release brings the following features:

Shared file area

A shared file area that is attached to each Apprentice record which can be used by both LTPs and EPAOs to store files that don’t belong in any of the Gateway or EPA components.  For instance a project proposal, evidence to support a reasonable adjustment, a grading report or any file that you might want to file against the Apprentice record.  Both LTPs and EPAOs have their own file area attached to each Apprentice record.

Manage accounts information

For admin users, this release brings new features for EPAOs to manage ‘accounts’ related information for each Apprentice, it allows the tracking of purchase orders, funding type, requests for reasonable adjustments and invoice tracking to streamline the registration process.

Standards database update

We have also updated the Standards Database which now includes 430 Standards that are approved for delivery.

Refreshing your browser cache
If you do not immediately see the ACE360 updates upon log in, please refresh your browser using control and F5.

If you require any support please email us, or take a look at the latest training guides.

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