The Case for Skills

In an increasingly diverse workforce, with challenges of automation, AI, and the potential workforce impact of Brexit, it remains as vital as ever to drive growth and productivity through skills and training. This is important not only for those entering their first job, but also for those transferring to new sectors or moving into new job roles.

Development of Apprenticeships and high quality vocational training and qualifications are supported by the Federation’s members by facilitating Trailblazer employer groups in England, through to developing National Occupational Standards for use across the UK.

The Federation and it’s members ensure that the views of employers in their sectors are articulated and heard by those making and implementing skills policy.

We aim to provide insight and intelligence based on the contact and dialogue between over 150,000 employers who regularly work with our members, and by analysis of the data contained within the apprenticeships certification systems that the Federation operates in England, Wales and Scotland.

We continue to work with and through our members with a wide range of government, agency and other stakeholders in the Skills Landscape to ensure that we drive and promote best practice in skills training to support a productive, resilient and capable UK workforce.

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