Customer service charter

Support provided to our customers by the Federation and our network of Certificating Bodies (CBs) is crucial for the long term health and quality of the Apprenticeship Certification service.
This Customer Charter sets out minimum levels of service that apprentices and claimants can expect from the Federation and our network of CBs that process claims.
It sets out our joint commitment to make the process of applying for an apprenticeship completion certificate as efficient as possible, underpinned by timely and effective communication and support.
The effectiveness of this charter will be measured by customer surveys, the number of appeals/complaints, timely certifications and rejection rates.

We commit to:

  • certification decisions in line with Federation Policy, Framework requirements and the ASCL Act.
  • identifying all reasons for rejection at each “pending certification” stage
  • reducing rejection rates by making the application process as clear and accessible as possible
  • process certification claims within 10 working days
  • responding to phone, email and system messages within 48Hrs (within business hours)
  • completing appeals and complaints within 15 days
  • publish information on how to contact the Federation or a CB to discuss certification claims.
  • publish information for making an appeal against a rejected claim
  • publish the process for making a complaint about a CB or the Federation.

Our expectations of organisations that use our certification services:

  • development of knowledge and expertise in the claim process
  • claims that are ‘right first time’
  • understanding framework requirements at the start of training so that the correct evidence is available at certification
  • clear presentation of evidence in certification claims.


Download the charter here QAS 7.2 Customer Charter.docx