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ACE360 Apprenticeship Management System: New features added

We are delighted to let you know that the latest version of ACE360 is now available for use.  This release brings the following features:

Shared file area

A shared file area that is attached to each Apprentice record which can be used by both LTPs and EPAOs to store files that don’t belong in any of the Gateway or EPA components.  For instance a project proposal, evidence to support a reasonable adjustment, a grading report or any file that you might want to file against the Apprentice record.  Both LTPs and EPAOs have their own file area attached to each Apprentice record.

Manage accounts information

For admin users, this release brings new features for EPAOs to manage ‘accounts’ related information for each Apprentice, it allows the tracking of purchase orders, funding type, requests for reasonable adjustments and invoice tracking to streamline the registration process.

Standards database update

We have also updated the Standards Database which now includes 430 Standards that are approved for delivery.

Refreshing your browser cache
If you do not immediately see the ACE360 updates upon log in, please refresh your browser using control and F5.

If you require any support please email us, or take a look at the latest training guides.

Log in now to enjoy the latest update to ACE360.

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Free webinar: ACE360 Information Session, 26th June 2019

The Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS) brought you the ACE system for Apprenticeship frameworks in England.  We are now delighted to be running Training Provider webinars for ACE360 – the web-based Apprenticeship Management Solution for the new Apprenticeship Standards.

ACE360 is an industry-wide Apprenticeship management system that enables you to manage Apprenticeship Standards efficiently, securely, and paper free.

ACE360 is the only comprehensive database of Apprenticeship Standards. with the ability to research Gateway and End Point Assessment requirements at component level. Assessment guidance is also built in.

ACE360 has been developed with industry partners to ensure it delivers for the sector and is compliant with all relevant legislation.

Webinar details

Date: 26th June 2019

Time: 10am

Claim your free place on the ACE360 webinar now and find out more about the benefits of the system.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018

As we begin a new year we would like to take some time to reflect on 2017. Each year the Federation carries out an annual, online survey of its key customers, to collect their views on a number of issues. Such as the operational performance of ACE itself and specifically on their experiences of the support and guidance that you get from both the Federation and individual Certification Bodies.

This year’s survey is now available for you to give us your feedback and will remain open until 5pm on Friday 16th March. Previous year’s surveys have had a tremendous response rate and we really appreciate and value all of your feedback. Please do take the time to tell us what you think.

By completing the survey in full, you will be entered into our prize draw to win one of three prizes of either £100, £50 or £25 in high street vouchers. Winners will be randomly selected once the survey has closed and winners will be individually contacted. A list of winners will be published, on our ACE website, in due course.

ACE Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

It’s that time of year again!


We would very much appreciate if you could take the time to complete our online survey and give us your feedback on your experiences over the last year of the customer service and support that you have had from the Federation, Certification Bodies and the ACE certification process as a whole.


Over the past year there have been significant changes made to both ACE itself, with the launch of ACE 2 in April, and associated certification processes. This has included an extensive review of the guidance materials available, development of the online ACE-IT training tool and the launch of the online Helpdesk in November. The majority of the work that has been carried out, over the past 12 months, has been driven by your feedback given to us in previous surveys and through our provider events.


We are continually working to improve our systems, processes and enhance our levels of customer service and we need your help to achieve this.


Last year we saw an unprecedented level of responses to our survey and, as a regular user of ACE, we would again like to ask for your feedback which is invaluable to us.


We would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete this year’s survey, which should take not more than 15 minutes.


Survey link:


The survey will close at 5pm on Friday 20th March 2015. If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact the ACE support team using the online ACE Helpdesk.


In due course we will share the findings from the survey.


Many thanks and kind regards,


Federation team


Removal of the ACE Declaration Form



The Apprentice Declaration & Authorisation Form for ACE is to be phased out!


Over the last few months, we have been looking at options for removing the need for the ACE Declaration Form to be completed and uploaded to ACE as part of every Apprenticeship Certification claim. We have been in discussions with colleagues in government to ensure that whatever solution is implemented complies with all the necessary legislative requirements.


We have now agreed a new process and this is currently being developed within ACE, ready for a launch in early April (actual date TBC).


In summary the new process will be as follows:


  • The current ACE Declaration Form will be replaced by a simplified Apprentice Consent Form which all Apprentices will be required to sign at the END of their Apprenticeship.
  • The signed Apprentice Consent Form will have to be retained by the ACE claimant (training provider), for audit purposes.
  • A copy of the signed Apprentice Consent Form will NOT be required to be uploaded to ACE for every Apprentice. However, ACE will be programmed to randomly ask for a copy of a signed Consent Form to be uploaded for an Apprentice and, if requested, an ACE claim cannot be completed without the requested Consent Form being uploaded for that specific Apprentice.
  • The individual making the Apprenticeship certification claim on ACE will be required to tick an online declaration that they confirm that the Apprentice has signed a Consent Form, which has been retained on file, and that they have the Apprentice’s authorisation to claim their Apprenticeship Completion Certificate on their behalf. Clicking this online declaration statement will automatically record the ACE username of the claimant and also date and time stamp the declaration being made.
  • This information will be permanently stored as part of the Apprentice’s ACE record and will be used for future audit/verification purposes.
  • Once the online declaration has been agreed and the tick box completed to record the claimant’s confirmation, the ACE claim will either be allowed to proceed in the usual manner or a signed consent form may be requested for upload to ACE before the claim can be submitted for review by the relevant Certification Body.




Our key driver for this change is to simplify the process for both ACE claimants and Certification Bodies and in turn reduce the level of current rejections that arise as a result of queries/problems with submitted V3 Apprentice Declaration & Authorisation Forms. We know from our consultation with, and feedback from, all ACE users that this is an issue which is particularly problematic for all concerned and has, on occasions, led to delays in the timely issue of Apprenticeship Completion certificates. This is not a situation that we can allow to continue and we are confident that the new process we are developing will bring benefits for everyone, not least your successful Apprentices.


Over the next few weeks we will be developing the process within ACE and working with a number of you to test its operation, ease of use and gathering general feedback on the new functionality.


We look forward to its implementation in early April and, as always, will welcome your feedback.



Continued downtime for 07/01/2015

Good Morning,

First of all let me apologise for the continued downtime of the ACE system ( Our new hosting provider had assured us that the site would be back up and running by 10 a.m. this morning (7th January) however they have hit further delays. It is unclear at this moment in time when the system will be back online but we are doing everything in our power to make this happen as soon as possible.

We also apologise if this is the first communication you have recieved from us as the email facility we use for our notifcations had also been affected by the unexpected downtime. We will email you with updates as and when we have them and we will update the Federation Website Newsfeed for those users who do not have access to their emails (

We thank you again for your patience whilst we resolve this issue. You can still contact the System Support Team via 0300 303 4444 and for any futher queries.



Jamie Smith

UK Systems Operation Manager

Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards

ACE System Offline 06/01/2015 and 09/01/2015 – 12/01/2015

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Federation have been forced to find new hosting suppliers for our Websites and Online Certification Systems (ACE, ACW and MA Online v2). Unfortunately a delay with our new supplier has meant that the domain has been placed offline temporarily. We are working to get the system back up and running as quickly as possible however ACE may be offline until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning (7th January). You will not be able to view the ACE website or access the system during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will keep you all informed of any developments throughout the day.


Whilst this current downtime was unexpected, we have essential maintenance scheduled to start at 9a.m on Friday 9th January. You will not be able to access, and during this period of maintenance. We anticipate that this will be completed by 9a.m. on Monday 12th January and you will be able to access all websites as normal from this time.


We apologise again for the disruption caused by this maintenance and we thank you for your patience. If you have any questions please contact the System Support Team on 0300 303 4444 (option 1, option 1) and


FISSS are moving!

The Federation team are moving on 8 September 2014.

From Monday our telephone number will be 0300 303 4444. And our registered address will be 3rd Floor, 101 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3ES.

Thank you in advance for updating your records. If you need any further information please email us at



During the summer of 2014 the Federation held the New Apprenticeship Standards conference. It was the only conference just for Employers. It was attended by over 400 Employers who heard about the vision for the reform programme and also heard about what it was like for Employers who had been through TrailBlazer 1. The Federation also launched its extensive range of Toolkits and guides which can be found on our Apprenticeship Standard Resources page.